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Sketchnoting science at EMBL-EBI with Dr. Jenny Cham - Cambridge, UK

Working in an international environment is an excellent experience, and comes with some built-in challenges - language, for one. Visual communication can make a big difference, and smooth the edges of cross-team collaboration. It's also a great way to produce compelling graphics and figures in reports. Dr. Jenny Cham, User Experience Lead at EMBL-EBI, uses sketchnoting in her work. “Sketchnoting can be a very powerful tool for getting across the main points of a workshop or presentation,” she says. “It can help people reach a common understanding, and reinforce the take-away message. Sketchnoting can help you remember a workshop better, and share the inspiration with your colleagues who may have missed it."

Jenny posts her sketchnotes on her blog and in a Flickr gallery. and specialises in sketchnoting scientific and pharmaceutical R&D talks and workshops.

Our event will take place at EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK.

At tea break on Wednesday 11th Jan, Jenny from EMBL-EBI will show some of her sketchnotes, give a short demonstration of how it works, and field questions. Everyone is welcome. If you have sketchnotes of your own, please bring them along!

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Mind's Eye Creative Giveaway 

Ashton Rodenhiser at will give away a fineOne by Neuland®, round nib, 13 Colour Sets F5

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Sketchnote with Lorraine Kasyan - Buncombe County, NC

She wrote:

I am a digital learning facilitator for ten schools in Buncombe County, NC. I plan to promote the day through my work in classrooms and will organize through the media coordinators at my schools and in individual classrooms. I am hoping to gather examples of sketchnoting (edusketching) from multiple content areas to share in my work with teachers. 

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World Sketchnote Day 2017 - #SNDay2017 - More Events

World Sketchnote Day 2017 - #SNDay2017 Events