Oscar Campo - SE04 / EP06

Oscar Campo - SE04 / EP06

This week I’m joined by Oscar Campo is a professor at a university in Cali, Columbia. He got into sketchnoting to help him take better notes at his church and pay more attention to the sermons. 

Later, Oscar started incorporating sketchnotes into all of his life including his work at university. Although he has no artistic training, he creates beautiful images within his sketchnotes. 

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Running Order

  • Intro
  • Oscar’s origin story
  • Sketchnoting at University (Professors make the worst students!)
  • Sermon Sketchnoting
  • Observing like an artist (or engineer)
  • Tools
  • Noteshelf app
  • Trick: Hiding layers!
  • 3 Tips


  • Noteshelf app for iOS - http://www.noteshelf.net/
  • Apple Pencil - https://www.apple.com/lae/apple-pencil/
  • iPad Pro 9.7 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad_Pro
  • Any pen!
  • Procreate app - https://procreate.art/
  • Comic Draw App - https://plasq.com/apps/comicdraw/ios/
  • Linea App - http://linea-app.com/
  • Whink app - http://whinkapp.com/


  • Oscar on Twitter - https://twitter.com/OscarCampo_
  • Oscar on Facebook - http://facebook.com/oscar.campo
  • Oscar on Instagram - https://instagram.com/oscampo
  • Mike’s Sketchnote Handbook - http://rohdesign.com/handbook

Oscar's 3 Tips

  • Don’t compare your sketchnotes to other people’s
  • Tools aren’t important, Information is
  • Share your sketchnotes with the world


  • Producer: Jon Schiedermeyer
  • Show Notes: Chris Wilson

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