Matthew Magain - SE04 / EP08

Matthew Magain - SE04 / EP08

G’day folks, today Mike is joined by Matthew Magain from Melbourne Australia. You might recognize his name from the Sketchnote Handbook. Matthew Shares his journey into sketchnoting and then on to 3D sketchnoting. Find out about how adding a third dimension can add (both in quality and challenges) to your sketchnoting.

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The Sketchnote Workshop. A full-day hands-on training that expands your teams creative thinking. Mike Rohde, the creator of Sketchnoting, will guide your team through practical activities to expand their creativity.

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Running Order

  • Matt’s Origin Story from Website design, to graphic facilitation to videos
  • Sketch Group’s origins and growth
  • Good enough for the moment
  • Graphic recording and facilitation as a performance
  • Experimenting on the edges
  • 3D sketchnotes
  • Excitement with some resistance
  • Sharing 3D sketchnotes in different ways 
  • The importance of walls and lighting
  • An experience of information 
  • Tools
  • 3 Tips 
  • Outro


  • Neuland Markers -
  • Graphic Facilitators guide by Brandy Agerbeck -
  • Cintiq -
  • Procreate App -
  • HTC Vive -
  • Google Tilt brush -


  • Matt on Twitter -
  • Matt’s blog post about VR Sketching -
  • Cognitive media’s Animated Sketchnote of Dan Pink’s TED talk, Drive -
  • Sketch Group website:
  • Web Directions -
  • Links on Google Poly to Matt’s VR sketchnotes from the Web Directions Summit conference:
    • Chris Messina -
    • Amélie Lamont -
    • Genevieve Bell -
    • Dan Rubin -
  • 3D Sketchnote videos: 
    • Genevieve Bell: Amélie Lamont:
    • Graphic Gear website (launching early 2018!) -


  • Producer: Jon Schiedermeyer
  • Show Notes: Chris Wilson

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