Cate Tolnai - SE04 / EP07

Cate Tolnai - SE04 / EP07

Cate Tolnai got into sketchnoting last March at the CUE conference. She quickly dove head first into it as she saw the benefits in education. Today she joins Mike Rohde to discuss sketchnoting in education and growth mindsets, as well as sketchnoting in general.

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The Sketchnote Workshop. A full-day hands-on training that expands your teams creative thinking. Mike Rohde, the creator of Sketchnoting, will guide your team through practical activities to expand their creativity.

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Running Order

  • Intro
  • Who is Cate Tolnai?
  • Growth Mindset 
  • What is Sketch 50?
  • Sketchnotings impact on Education
  • The value of mistakes and the reflective process
  • Tools
  • Three Tips
  • Outro (Mike is awesome)


  • iPad Pro -
  • Apple Pencil -
  • Procreate -
  • Rocketbook -


  • Cate Tolnai’s website -
  • Cate Tolanai on twitter -
  • Sketch 50 website - http:/
  • Sketchnote books by Mike -
  • Sketchnote Army -
  • Growth Mindset -
  • Sketch 50 on Twitter -
  • ITSE conference 2018 -
  • Show your work -
  • Cate’s Procreate tutorials -

Cate's 3 Tips

  • Just share! (Find good hashtags, or just share with a friend)
  • Lean in to your growth mindset
  • Don’t worry about borrowing from others (trace!)


  • Producer: Jon Schiedermeyer
  • Show Notes: Chris Wilson

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