Claudio Nichele - Improving Listening Skills

Claudio Nichele - Improving Listening Skills

Mike here. I believe listening is the secret weapon for a sketchnoter, so this guest article from my friend Claudio is right on target.

Claudio writes:

As often when I commute to work by train, I browse Twitter and Instagram. That morning, one question captured my attention:

“How to improve my listening skills?”

I know well this question because I am regularly asked about it. Also because even though I am no longer a so-called newbie in sketchnoting and graphic recording, I still always ask myself this question.

For years, I've been thinking about how to improve my listening skills to improve my work as a sketchnoter or a graphic recorder (but also to be a better person who actively listens to others).

I also nourished my thinking with the reading of masters in the field, as for example Otto Sharmer and Kelvy Bird. But knowing principles, rules and tips is useless until you start with practice and don’t embed them with your inner self.

Nowadays, I have answers to the question that I can share because they are part of my daily practice. Nevertheless, I still consider myself a learner along a long journey.


That’s why I spontaneously started a sketchnote on the train to try to answer the question. The flow of my ideas was clear enough in my mind and despite the swirl of the wagon, I did it in a single shot.

The same day I shared the sketchnote on Twitter and Instagram. I also added links to my blog where I talk about active listening, as well as the organization of space.

By sharing my thoughts of my journey, I hope to help those who start a similar one and ask the same questions that I asked myself at the beginning (and that I still ask myself today).

Find more of Claudio’s work on Flickr and Twitter

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