Teresa Ozoa... Teacher, Sketchnoter, 10,000th Sketchnote Army follower!

Teresa Ozoa... Teacher, Sketchnoter, 10,000th Sketchnote Army follower!

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Her name is Teresa Ozoa and she teaches high school English in a California. Teresa was the 10,000th @SketchnoteArmy Twitter follower!

First and foremost, thank you for the follow Teresa!

Teresa has followed SketchnoteArmy.com since she got immersed in the works of Mike Rohde and  Sylvia Duckworth a few years ago.

I asked Teresa some questions about her sketchnoting journey...

Do you remember when you first encountered sketchnotes?


I truly don't recall the first "moment" I encountered sketchnotes. I had attended an edcamp in Orange County in 2013, then Spring CUE in 2014. I think I met Jo-Ann Fox (@AppEducationFox), either IRL or via #caedchat on Twitter and got the bug to attend my first CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp in Manhattan Beach in summer of 2014.

This sketchnote is not my first, but it's my first in the education realm. In the same notebook I experimented with colors and shades of gray and nib thicknesses and learned I really like black on white without color.

I also tried various styli on my iPad. I SO admire folks who can create pleasing color palettes on paper or with apps like Paper and Procreate. I'm pretty sure I started following Amy Burvall around then. 

My go-to digital tool is Procreate with an Apple Pencil on a standard iPad. I've participated in various group challenges like #sketch50 for creating drawings, but I take NOTES with pencil/pen and paper.

That takes care of my next question... “analog or digital?” The answer is BOTH!

Next, Who are your sketchnote influencers?

As an educator I consider Sylvia Duckworth a goddess! I got her to sign my copy of her book at a CUE conference and presented at one in which she also presented for EdTechTeam. I also admire Wanda Terrel, Amy Burvall, Melissa Oliver, Jo-Ann Fox, Mike Rohde, and so many others (mostly educators).

Have have you used visual methods to empower your students?

For the past 3 years I've introduced sketchnotes within the first week of school, usually with Rachel Smith's TEDx video called "Drawing in Class." I also give them a short version of a PD that I do at my district for new teachers. In one of my courses, I require them to have a Composition Book (no spiral spine!) for class notes. To motivate them, I also let students use sketchnotes (NOT purely words) for some otherwise closed book quizzes in the beginning of the year.

We practice a lot with sketchnoting TEDtalks. Certain talks actually have sketchnotes videos accompanying them. After about 3 weeks, kids either love them and try to use them in other classes, or rely on their default Cornell Notes.

What could/should the global sketchnote community do to help educators with the next generation?

To help educators help students, I'd love to see the global community continue to share FREE or low-cost resources. Also, sample notes for things like Khan Academy videos could provide awesome models.

It would be cool to have a stable of sketchnoters willing to do Q and A's on Skype or Google Hangout or Twitch (streaming video) with classes in real time.

Wow! We are very fortunate to have such an insightful 10k. Thank you for sharing your story, Teresa! 


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Sketchnote Army Podcast Season 6: Launching May 8th!

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