Sketchnote Army Podcast: Season 05, Episode 06: Allison Huang & Lisa Stone

Sketchnote Army Podcast: Season 05, Episode 06: Allison Huang & Lisa Stone


Mike has not one, but TWO guests today: student Allison Huang and her teacher Lisa Stone. Allison was recently featured on Sketchnote Army sharing her journey into sketchnoting. Mike has invited her and her teacher, along to learn the story behind the story.


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Running Order

  • Intro
  • Discovering and getting into Sketchnoting
  • Reaching out to Mike
  • One and Done vs Two-step
  • Moving forward
  • Integrating sketchnoter and teaching
  • Tools
  • 3 Tips
  • Outro



3 Tips

  • GO BIG!
  • Take any chance to Sketchnote. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • Get involved with a sketchnote community


  • Producer: Jon Schiedermayer
  • Show Notes: Chris Wilson

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