HR Tech World Amsterdam captured by Frédéric Williquet @fredericw


This is just one of a series of great sketchnotes by Frédéric Williquet .

He wrote

 "Hi m&m’s!

I sketch for years, follow you work daily and promote your books to my students.

I recently sketched HR Tech World Amsterdam live and published on Adobe Spark during the event. Very flexible and easy solution to go beyond twitter. Loved it. Here the result.

Oh yes, I used to publish my work on my website but I decided this summer to launch a more professional brand. I just did (ok still lots of work): is born. Happy to have your feedback!"

Don't miss the whole series of Frédéric's sketchnote on this post on his website

I love you style Frédéric: crip, clean and with limited color palette for highlights.

Great work!

- Mauro 

Marketing tip for Sketchnoters ;-)  by Reto

Marketing tip for Sketchnoters ;-) by Reto

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