Consider Sketchnotes for More Effective Note Taking - Sheyra Kelley @sheyra

Here is a great work by Sheyra Kelley 

She wrote: 

I started regularly taking Sketchnotes following a conference I attended last year called Adobe MAX. There were so many great sessions, and a few different ways I could have captured the presentations. I thought it was important to record the material in a way that would be engaging enough to repeat across the following days and memorable upon returning to the content. Pulling out my iPad, I opened my drawing app, and instead thought I’d give this method a try. It was fun taking notes! (Who actually has fun taking notes, right?) After a few minutes into that first session, it became a fairly fluid process to come up with containers and shapes to support the keywords and thoughts I wanted to highlight. Being more of a visual learner, the experience was very organic and I was able to create a set of notes that would be easy to digest later on. This particular capture is from a session I attended called “Users are People, Too!”


Dont' miss the whole Sheyra's story on this blog post.  

Thank you for sharing this with us Sheyra!

- Mauro

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