My Sketchnote Collection by Joachim Schlosser @schlosi

This is one of the Joachim Schlosser's sketchnotes.

He wrote:

This is a collection of some of my sketchnotes. Feel free to pick a few or all, everything is under CC-BY-SA anyway.

Thank you so much, Mike, for inspiring us all to draw. My drawings may still be rough and not very visual, but with every talk or discussion I capture, it feels more natural and fluent.



Joachim, I pretty sure I can say thank YOU on Mike's  behalf. 

You say,

...My drawings may still be rough and not very visual...

please, allow me to disagree with you :-), as Mike says "Sketchnote is about IDEAS, not art" and I may add that if the purpose of a sketchnote is to deliver information, well, yours actually DO!

Thank you for sharing!

- Mauro

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