First Sketchnote: Lori B.


Here is an interesting work by Lori B.

She wrote:


I consider myself creative, but struggle with drawing. I'm attracted to doodling, sketchnoting, lettering and the like. I enjoy seeing your emails and listening to your podcasts. I too am a Wisconsinite!

The only way to get better is to start and then practice, practice, practice. is my first attempt at sketchnoting. I participated in a virtual HR conference and listened to several different speakers.

My notes still contain too much writing, but hopefully that will change as my sketchnoting library increases. Please share with me any other suggestions you have.

Thank you!

P.S. Go Pack Go!"

Lori, seems you already have identified two important aspect: practice and visual vocabulary!

My suggestion is to spend some time practicing specifically on visual elements like icons, arrows, separators and hand written typography. It worked for me and can tremendously improve your sketchnotes.

However, I like to strongly encourage you to actively join the sketchnote community. Open a twitter or instagram (better both :-) ) account and step in the conversation, post your works, ask for suggestions, in case mention me @xLontrax or Mike @rohdesign and we'll be very happy to introduce you.

You'll be surprised how open and supportive is this community.

See you out there!

- Mauro

My Sketchnote Collection by Joachim Schlosser @schlosi

World Sketchnote Day 2018!