Grit and Growth Mindset talk captured by Dr. Andrew Wales - @andrewwales_

Here is a work by Dr. Andrew Wales.
He wrote:
Ever since I was a high school student in the 80s, I found that it was much easier to pay attention during lectures and remember what was said if I drew as I listened.  Usually, for me that means cartoons!  Years later I discover Sketchnotes and a whole Sketchnote Army of likeminded individuals.  I created these sketchnotes live during a presentation on Grit and Growth Mindset at our teacher inservice day.
Don't miss onther Andrew's comics on his website .
Thank you so much for sharing with us Andrew!
- Mauro

Behavior Driven Development sketchnote by Anthony O'Reilly - @AnthonyO_Tester

Global Urban Ecosystem Sketchnote by Faith Kuzma @FaithKuzma