When a Sketchnote become a "Turning Point": Matt Stroud

Here is an interesting work by Matt Stroud

He wrote:

This is a sketchnote I took back in May about project management techniques. Reason I'm sharing this, and not a more recent one, is that this note seemed to mark a turning point where my colleagues began to appreciate the value of more visual note taking.

I'm happy Matt decided to share this sketchnote: it is important.

I think we all have a sketchnote that made the difference and reppresent a "turning point" like Matt says. There is something that "click" and we get the awarenes that sketchnote is not only for our personal notes and can be use to effectively communicate and share concepts. 

I would like to invite you all to share your "turning points" with us! 

Submit your sketchnote and it's story: What's your Turning Point?

Thank you for sharing this Matt! 

- Mauro

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