Teachers and Sketchnote: Bonnie Grover @bvgrover

Today's exciting story is from Bonnie Grover.

She wrote:

After a year of practicing, I decided to share my learning with someone other than 5th graders. Instead of waiting until I was really ready, I went for it "cannon ball style"! What a fun, fun class! We had teachers from many different grade levels and disciplines. One teacher said, "I feel terrible because last year I got mad at a student for drawing. I really want a do-over." I hope our students are as excited and as engaged as their teachers were to begin using sketchnoting in their classes.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Bonnie.

We always do LOVE to hear stories about how sketchnotes are use for Education.

Keep up the good work and, please, keep up posted about your sketchnoting in class activity.

- Mauro

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