Sketchnoted Presentation for The Physics Show - Katharina Theis-Bröhl

Today we feature an interesting story by our friend Katharina Theis-Bröhl

A big event at my University is the Physics Show which I organize with the help of students and technicians. Not only is it a special event for my students but also for people outside the university community.
For this event I developed a PowerPoint presentation using nice images found on the web to help explain the experiments shown. This year, however, I was not happy with this standard presentation. Despite the fact that the slides explained the experiments in simple and descriptive ways, I felt that it was just one of my regular "great presentations". So, I started redoing each slide using hand-drawn, sketchnote-like images (and even added some new experiments).

Once completed, I felt that my new slides could be called a really special PowerPoint presentation.

Unfortunately, I still was not completely happy with it. The concept of individual slides just did not fit with what I had learned about sketchnotes. So I thought to myself, "what should I do?"

First, I combined all of my single slides into one sketchnote. Since I use the Procreate app on my iPad Pro, this was not that big of a deal. There are features in the app that make it possible to hide certain layers of the artwork and copy other layers into a new file. With the help of the Zoom feature, I could arrange my sketchnotes the way that I wanted them to be. Finally, I added arrows and dividers to help with the flow of information, which resulted in a single sketchnote (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Instead of using PowerPoint for the presentation, I used a great app called Tawe. With Tawe, the presenter can define areas of an image, called snapshots, that act as the slides for the presentation. In my opinion, this creates a much more agile presentation rather than just skipping through individual slides.

As can be seen in the second image (Figure 2), I put together a sample of the snapshots for the presentation to simulate how it would work as slides in a presentation. Sadly, what cannot be shown in a static image is the movement from one snapshot to the next. This is an important part of the presentation that really makes it come to life! I was finally happy with my presentation.

Figure 2

The Physics Show went very well and not only did people like our experiments but they also liked my sketchnote presentation. A television station was in attendance at the show and broadcasted a very nice report about the show which can be found here:

-  Katharina Theis-Bröhl

I love how sketchnote blend with science!

Thank yo so much for sharing this interesting story with us Katharina!

- Mauro

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