Visual CV by Brigitte Hulliger (plus video bonus)

An interesti Visual CV by Brigitte Hulliger .

She wrote:

"I've been drawing and sketching my whole life without any goal in mind. That changed about a year back when I decided that I wanted to start drawing on my iPad Pro and to try to make my first VideoScribe.

The story I chose is the story of my life - my Curriculum Vitae.

I had the big picture in mind - meaning, I knew that I wanted it to be a big ""CV"" in the end and then I started segmenting the CV into smaller parts for the different phases of my life. Afterwards, I just started drawing (and deleting, and redrawing).

The attached image is the resulting image when I was done drawing.
Afterwards, I decided to try to animate it with the software VideoScribe. The resulting video is published on YouTube:

The (few) words I used in the drawing are German (sorry). I hope those who don't understand them will still be able to follow the story.

As mentioned before, this is my first real VideoScribe and I hope there will be plenty more to come :-)"


Beautiful! And love the video!

Thanks for sharing, Brigitte.

- Mauro


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