The Power of Humor Sketchnote Recap by Satoru Hirose

Today we are happy to feature a great sketchnote by Satoru Hirose .

He wrote:

This is the sketchnote I created while reading one of my favorite blogs.

I started sketchnoting two month ago as I wanted to experiment a different way to learn a new thing - and have been hooked on it since then.

Sketchnoting also helps me focus on the essentials and big ideas when I am attending a meeting, listening to a podcast or reading an article.

I like using gray scale while sketchnoting because such a small constraint stimulates my imagination!

I strongly suggest to visit Satoru's blog for more of his sketchnotes.

I particularly enjoy the gray-scale palette and the sharp trait he use for text.

Great work, Satoru!

- Mauro

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