Principles of Radical Management Sketchnote by Talia Lancaster

Today guest is Talia Lancaster .

She wrote:

"I have always been known as one of those ""compulsive note-takers"" in meetings, talks and training. At a conference last year, I took some notes and ended up doodling and drawing pictures alongside the content. Since then, people have asked me to scan in my notes from sessions so that they could use them. I really didn't know that others would find value in them, I just used it as a way for me to listen and concentrate. Since then, someone recommended Mike Rohde's book and I'm now absolutely hooked. Still a long way to go, but loving every experiment so far.

This sketchnote is a summary of the Principles of Radical Management from a book by Stephen Denning, which I thoroughly enjoyed! "

Interesting and informative.

Well done Talia!

- Mauro


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