Tapestry Conference for Data Storytelling captured by Catherine Madden

Today we feature  the beautiful work by Catherine Madden .

She wrote:

This is a series of sketchnotes I created to document the great messages from the speakers at the 2016 Tapestry Conference for Data Storytelling. This is my favorite conference of the year because it is small, and the content is right at the sweet spot of my skills and interests. This day was pretty exhausting because I was also presenting a lightning talk on the power of drawing in visual storytelling  and I was struggling to keep up by the end of the day. Luckily, Nick Sousanis provided a fantastic closing keynote with many great visuals to include. I use Paper by FiftyThree on an Apple Pencil and iPad pro.

You can see the slides here: http://www.catherinemadden.com/blog/2016/tapestry2016 .

Great work!

Thanks for sharing Catherine.

- Mauro

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