Sketchnotes and Health Rules by Andrew On Yi Lai

Here are a couple of Sketchnotes by Andrew On Yi Lai  .



He wrote:

Sketchnoting to me, is a way of creatively expressing my thoughts and ideas through the traditional method of pen on paper. I love pulling my sketchbook out in a room full of tech!

I am currently a Multimedia and Visual Arts educator based in Sydney sharing my love for sketchnoting with students, colleagues and other educators in Australia. Shoutout to my dear friend @jcfiction who initially inspired me, he is an awesome sketchnoter : )

The above sketchnote is one of my recent efforts to read, learn and visually interpret the book 'The New Health Rules' written by Frank Lipman. The overwhelmingly supportive responses and retweet from the author himself took me by surprise! Looking forward to sketching well into the future!

I noticed Andrew's works on Twitter some times ago and I'm very glad we can feature his sketchnotes here.

Love the limited colors palette and the well defined structure.

Thank you for submitting Andrew!

- Mauro

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