Incorporate SketchNoting into high school chemistry class: Niels Walkau

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Today we feature an interesting experiment by Niels Walkau

He wrote;

I teach high school chemistry in Canada and am constantly looking to innovate and try new pedagogical approaches. I am inspired by and looking to incorporate, sketchnoting as a way for students to demonstrate their deep understanding of chemistry. We are boldly starting off by having students sketchnote their macroscopic observations of experiments and then do the same with their microscopic inferences of what they think is happening at the atomic level. I am looking for students to be thinking deeply and to explain concepts clearly. In my opinion, sketchnoting is tailor made for this. I am so excited to see where this takes my students this semester and beyond!

Other examples are on Niels' Flickr Album.

We will be happy to know how this will go.

Keep us posted Niels!

- Mauro

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