EARTH DAY 2016 - Take Action Like a Sketchnoter!

At Sketchnote Army, we focus on the whole person—the mind, and body. We also believe that as humans we are part of the earth we live on. That's why in our terms & conditions statement we say: is family friendly and we are inspired and support the important values of life. 

Friday, is an opportunity to encourage the whole Sketchnoting Community to join us and celebrate 

Earth Day 2016


Here 5 sketchnote ideas:

  • How much paper you need to recycle to save a tree?
  • Everyday actions that can save our Earth
  • Track your electricity use for a day and create a data-visualization
  • What can make your home or workplace more Environmentally Friendly?
  • Earth Day IS NOT a one day affair: what are your long term resolutions?


    And 3 ways to Take Action:

  • First and foremost: Sketchnote frugally!!! Recycle the backs of old printer paper and one of those pencil stubs we all have in the back of out bags/backpacks/drawers
  • Go through your old notebooks and "fill the blanks" (those pages you left behind!)
  • Share, Share, Share your sketchnotes about Earth Day to create awareness

    As usual we heartily encourage you all to share your sketchnotes, ideas and feelings with us.

    Happy Earth Day!

    - Mike and Mauro





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