Using Sketchnote in Class - Karen Wilson

I do love this sketchnote by Karen Wilson .

She wrote:

As a secondary school teacher, I have taken to using sketchnotes to explain many things, including programmes, so students can apply the various techniques to their own sketches of chapter summaries. In New Zealand, in Year 11, students begin Level 1 of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Sometimes students prefer to take a tactical approach and this sketchnote attempts to outline important standards they must pass to avoid end-of-year pressure and various options for endorsement. Visiting teachers to my classroom see my sketchnotes on the whiteboard and describe me as 'visual' which is strange since I preferred linear bullet point notes over "the brainstorm" when I was a student.

After sharing this particular sketchnote with fellow teachers on #BFC630NZ, I was stoked that Mauro Toselli asked me to submit to Sketchnote Army.

Yes, Karen! We at Sketchnote Army are very interested in how teachers use sketchnote in class and how "visuals" are putting a foot in the door of education.

I find your sketchnote a great example.

Thank you for sharing with us!

- Mauro 

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