Sketchnote On The Fly: Julie M Elman

Here is a sketchnote by Julie M Elman.

She wrote:

I've been fascinated with the process of sketchnoting for the past year. At the university where I teach (within the department I teach in), we have weekly faculty meetings, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to practice sketchnoting.

I've discovered just how challenging it is to sketchnote on the fly, especially when I'm trying to make sense of information coming at me in a hodge-podge way (that's the nature of our faculty meetings).

I teach publication design (which includes lots of discussions about planning, brainstorming and sketching), and in looking at my sketchnotes, I see a lot of messiness and things that fly in the face of "good design." On the other hand, I really enjoy being spontaneous about my note-taking and mark-making.

I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at sketchnoting in many other different situations.

Don't miss her very visual

Thank you for sharing, Julie!

- Mauro


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