Creative Confidence Book Sketchnote: Nathan Dye

This is Nathan Dye's note from Creative Confidence book.

Here is his interesting story.

This sketch is from the book Creative Confidence. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants to learn how to be more creative and innovative. I am enjoying many of the amazing stories in the book. One story was especially powerful so I decided to sketch some of my thoughts about the story.

Some quick background for those that have not read the book. This story deals with a design team that wanted to try and curb the tragic rate of infant deaths in India. The number of baby’s that die shortly after birth was staggering. The team assembled and initially thought the project would be easy. The most preventable cause of death was hypothermia…. Basically babies were not kept warm and died. The obvious solution was to build a less expensive incubator. That idea was smashed when one of the designers went to India and saw all of the incubators in a hospital were empty. He asked the doctors why that was and learned that most babies are born in rural areas and the mothers can’t / choose not to make the trip to the hospital or the babies die of hypothermia on the way to the hospital. This changed the nature of the problem and the ultimate solution. The ultimate product they created was very interesting.

What struck me most was how just Going through the 5Ws really helped open up a lot of options to pursue and where to place your focus on trying to solve the problem. From starting with the “WHO” you could focus on the Doctor, the mother or the baby. Each represented its own path and consequences for the final product that would be created. By looking at the “WHERE” you could focus on solving the problem at the hospital, the village, or the journey between the two. Identifying the problem in each place also drives how you would look to solve the ultimate problem. This sketch ultimately tried to capture my realize of the this. 


Thank you so much for sharing with us Nathan!

- Mauro

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