Sunni Brown's Book Doodle Revolution Recap by Lorraine Kasyan

Here is a nice sketchnote by Lorraine Kasyan

She wrote:


My practice of Sketchnoting over the last year and a half or so began with my admiration of some of my favorite notetakers on Twitter. At conference after conference the tweet stream held these great Images of thought captured and connectionsmade. I wanted to play too but did not know how. Then @wesfryer (Wesley Fryer) shared the Drawing in Class Ted Talk by @ninmah (Rachel Smith) and my whole process shifted. You see, at one point I had been that English teacher who made a point to stop the adventurous Doodle while 'serious thinking' was occurring. It felt awful to realize this! I decided that I wanted to learn this skill for the work that I do and for my own practice.

I set out on the iPad with 53 Paper and slowly tried to learn. First with my finger and then with a stylus gifted to me at ISTE in Philadelphia by the same Wes Fryer mentioned above. 

I enrolled in a writing class and decided that after I took my notes on paper I would encapsulate the thought and ideas in images that reminded me of the content. Those notes are linked on my website. Their style and sense is a bit different from the ones I practice in actual meetings in real time. They are a bit more whimsical. I like both approaches though and am slowly building shapes and symbols that can be used quickly in a variety of settings. You know, the iconic light bulb for example. Stop signs, trees, roads, birds...

The SketchNote here is done on the 53 Paper app with the Pencil. It is my attempt to begin condensing the Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown into chunks for learners. I need to speed up and also "listen harder" if I am really going to be effective in authentic settings. I also have to be able to present the pieces, parts, steps, and options to others if a true professional development can occur. The district where I work is moving towards 1:1 in the next three years. We now have computers in all 4, 5, and 6th graders hands! They are touch screen devices. I cannot wait to introduce this, to share the ease and importance of connecting intentional doodles to content. There are so many other benefits here as well. 

The Sketchnote also shows a Zentangle as that is another creative form that encourages thought by also reminding us that there are no mistakes! Somehow the two forms work nicely together to me and I can enhance my real-time SketchNotes after events by adding them. 

My favorite pen is the Pigma Micron 01 but I also use my fine point Sharpie and a few other favorites. Whatever is in your hand works. Start sketching!


This is so interesting!


Thank you for sharing with us, Lorraine!


- Mauro

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