History of the Chicago Flag: Joe Raschke

An interesting work and story by Joe Raschke .

He wrote:

Chicago is the great City! I always wondered about that the different elements on the flag stood for. I started sketch-noting a few weeks back on the Nation Handwriting day, and thought this would be an easier one to start with. After reading the Sketchnote Handbook I was inspired to get over my total lack of penmanship and artistic capabilities and have some self confidence, or is it humility?

It is the beginning of a journey for me, I have been doodling for a couple years trying to come up with a simple way for people to understand Cyber Security and how it applies to them as a way to build a set of Sketch notes.

I am a IT type and have had many roles in many firms over quite a few companies. In my current role I need to easily explain in not so technical terms what threats are lurking around us, and what we can do about it. Not an easy task. But I thought that one page sketches might go a long way.

I currently am using an iPad with the Notability App, using my fingers and a Musemee Notier V2 Precision Stylus. 

This is lovely, Joe!

Keep going and sharing with us.

- Mauro


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