A Sketchnote about the Sketchnote Master Mike Rohde: Kismet Dyment

Mauro and I both love this sketchnote by Kismet Dyment.

He writes:

This is a Sketchnote about Mike Rohde! I tuned in to Mike's interview on The Power of Visual Note Taking with Mike Rohde podcast and started to sketch as I listened. I was interested in his life and decided I would best learn and retain the basic facts if I sketchnoted it! I have been sketchnoting things ever since! I love sketchnoting! Thanks, Mike!

Outstanding work Kismet!

- Mauro

Kismet, this is so very meta and very cool. Thank you for capturing my conversation on the podcast - it's really fun to see what you picked up and turned into a sketchnote!

- Mike

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