Sketchnoting a Conference with 2 step process: Paul Moran

Today's guest is  Paul Moran!

He wrote:

"This sketchnote is the first time I've tried to capture content from a conference. I created it using the slow two step process - took notes in a sketchnote-ish sort of way on the day then wrote up in this format to share. I was asked to share them along with 3 people who also attended with me. One produced some PowerPoint slides, one thoughts by email and another linked to the presentations that resonated with her. Mine were the only hand drawn ones...

I actually had to rush the redraw to meet our feedback deadline in the office and didn't have my decent pens so it looks rougher than I wanted but not so bad I couldn't share. It's been great to get feedback and encouragement from the community on twitter and I think it's my most liked and retweeted post ever..."

Love the use of containers, Paul!

Great job!

- Mauro 





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