"Avoid Stupid, Unleash Awesome" talk captured by Talia Lancaster

Here is a sketchnote by Talia Lancaster .

She wrote:

I did this sketchnote of a talk by a colleague of mine, Renesh Moodley - the talk was entitled "Avoid Stupid, Unleash Awesome". He's creating a DevOps South Africa website, the logo for which is a ninja cat riding a unicorn (so much material for sketchnoting)! It was all about empowering teams with true autonomy and trust - definitely something we can all learn to do more of.

I made this sketchnote at the Regional Scrum Gathering in South Africa, which was organised by SUGSA. Some of my colleagues and I took a trip down to Cape Town, what an awesome experience!

Very Interesting Talia!

Thanks for sharing with us.

- Mauro



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