EuroIA 2016 Conference resident Sketchnoter: Nadia Ferreira

We are very happy to feature again Nadia Ferreira 

She wrote:

"EuroIA 2016 Conference - “Connected Things Amongst Us”. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 22-24 September 2016 Live sketch 13 talks, 3 workshops and 3 major keynotes during the 3 consecutive days of conference. 22 sketchnote boards in A2 format. Including speakers portraits and conference branded elements. "

I'm a big fan of Nadia's work. Use of color for highlights, subtle shadows, clear and effective handwriting, a huge source of inspiration.

You can see other Nadia's works on her website and Tumblr

Thank you for sharing with us Nadia!

- Mauro

Happy 4th Birthday, Sketchnote Handbook!

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