Scotland 2016 Sketchnotes: a travelog by Julie M. Elman

scotland 2016 sketchnotes

We are happy to have Julie M. Elman with a new collection of great sketchnote.

She wrote:

I just returned from five weeks in Scotland, where I co-taught for a study abroad program called the Scotland Field School (through the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio).

I worked with design students during this time, and I thought it would be a challenge to "practice what I teach," in terms of gathering content, organizing it and finding meaning within it. The students I worked with sketchnoted as part of their classwork (along with creating infographics and magazine layouts), and I decided that I, too, would sketchnote along the way.

I wanted to continue practicing my sketchnoting skills, and I also knew that making my own sketchnotes would be useful for remembering my experiences as I traveled to different towns and learned new things. As I sketchnoted, I found myself combining journal-like entries with more factual tidbits — which turned into a nice mix of the personal and observational on the same page.

Using a pen, watercolor pencils, a self-watering brush and a sturdy Moleskin sketchbook with heavier stock paper turned out to be the perfect combination for sketchnoting while traveling on trains.

Never a dull moment — and now I have these sketchnotes to help me recall my lovely time in Scotland from this summer.

— Julie M. Elman, August 2016

Don't miss the whole series of sketchnotes on Julie's Flickr Set.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Julie!

- Mauro

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