Workshop at Lunch Sketchnote Capture: Daniella Wiercx van Rhijn

Here is a beatutiful sketchnote by Daniella Wiercx van Rhijn

She wrote:

One of my first sketchnotes. We organised a lunch week for people (in Dutch public administration) to meet, eat and connect. This particular lunch featured a short workshop/introduction about Transactional analysis. As a visual-spatial thinker with an auditory weakness I've always doodled a LOT to be able to remember. For me sketchnoting is the perfect way to organise my thoughts. It is an enormous confidence boost :) Thanks for encouraging people to let out their creative sides! 

I love how gray shades that give a 3D effect and how those fine dotted lines define the flow of the sketcnote.

Such a great work Daniella!

- Mauro 

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