A beautiful travel journal by Dennis Dawson

I love these travel notes by Dennis Dawson !

He wrote:

When I stumbled across sketchnotearmy.com, it clicked instantly. In college, I would doodle in the margins of my notes, independent of what the professor was saying. But those doodles brought back the experience of sitting in class and absorbing the lecture, greatly helping my retention (graduated Magna Cum Laude, so yay sketching). This is a spread from my travel journal, which I did a few years back, on a business trip in France. I know it's not in sketchnote format, but these sketches greatly enhance my memory of the trip. If you're off on a summer adventure, sketchnote your travels! Since I'm not a photographer, my photos are just looking. My sketches are seeing. Makes all the difference.

You can see other pages of Dennis's travel journal on this Facebook post.

Thank you very much for sharing with us Dennis.

- Mauro


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