re:publica 15 in Berlin: Tanja Wehr

Here is a sketchnote Tanja Wehr captured at  re:publica 15 in Berlin.

She wrote:

Hi Sketchnotearmy-Team,

my name is Tanja and I am a sketchnoter from Germany. I am following your page since ages but now I feel fine to submit a bit of my work as well.

The Sketchnotes are done during the re:publica 15 in Berlin.
The first is a little collection of more general observations and impressions I gathered while attending this great event and the second is the sketchnote of the inspiring talk of Johanna Frelin CEO of the year 2013 who talked about Self-Leadership.
I hope you like it. 

You can see the other sketchnote on her blog post.

We do love it, Tanja! 

- Mauro


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