Sketchnoting from sermon: Jennifer Collins

A beautiful sketchnote Jennifer Collins captured from a sermon.

She wrote:

I discovered Sketchnotes over Spring Break while looking for a way to help a struggling student in my History class. I started practicing doing a little sketch noting on my own and I loved it! The students grades went from C's and D's to A's and B's! I will be continuing to add Sketchnotes into my teaching curriculum.
This Sketchnote is from a sermon in our church. I get lots of practice taking my notes this way every Sunday. My favorite medium to note take with so far is the Paper app by 53. With the recent addition of the Think Kit it has made Sketchnoting even easier!

You ca see other Jennifer's works on her Photobucket .

I do love the use of gray scale to separate concepts and make things stand out.

A great sketchnote, Jennifer!

- Mauro

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