Lilly goes to NY: Diana Meier-Soriat

Here a beautiful sketchnote by Diana Meier-Soriat .

She wrote:

This sketchnote is for a daughter’s friend confirmation. I support her for her travel to New York an as a gift of money might be a bit impersonal I added this sketchnote to it.

In this sketchnote I used copic markers and fineliners. Also I used three different grey shades. (cool grey 1, 2 and 3).

This sketchnote will be also framed, so I really hope she will nicely remember me and her planned journey to New York as well as my suggestions what to do in this amazing city...

Sketchnoting makes me so happy although I’m doing it for a few months only I can’t stop any more... Thank you to Ines Schaffrenek @pheminific who inspired me at the Hamburg Media School in Hamburg where I attended the „Social Media Day“. 

Thanks for sharing Diana!

- Mauro


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