Teaching English language using Sketchnote Roger Dupuy.


Here some visuals by Roger Dupuy about his  "Bored of Boardcraft" talk.

Roger has also a nice visual vocabulary posted on his blog.

He wrote:

I'm a designer of English language teaching program that LOVES to sketchnote.

The link provided are samples of my 'work in progress' learning about visualizing ideas. I use paper and pen, but sometimes PAPER (by 53) on my iPad. I am a fan of MR's work.

I will be giving a talk called "Bored of Boardcraft" which is targeting language teachers who want to learn about how to teach using sketchnoting techniques at the TESOL international conference this March.

Here is a link to Bored of Boardcraft .

I'm sure your talk was a success!

Thanks for sharing with us Roger!

- Mauro

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