First Sketchnote: Scott Parker

Here is Scott Parker's the first attempt with sketchnote.

We wrote:

I am a Principal of a Middle School, we have been working on sketchnoting this year with our staff and with our students. This is my first attempt beyond my Five Basic Elements doodling.

This page represents a full-day inservice around making our thinking visible. Ha! How do you like that? The teacher who introduced me to sketchnoting saw my "leap" and asked me to post it here. I can say, without hesitation, that this page represents the first set of notes that I have taken in years that has any sort of lasting impact with me. I really focused on the big ideas, and see them immediately when looking at the page. No more searching for meaning; it's right there!

Thanks so much!

We thank you too for sharing Scott.

Well done, keep sketchnoting!

- Mauro





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