Sketchnoting Challenge iCONPrague 2015 - The Winners are...

Congratulations to our winners: Kristýna Šťastová, Jiri Platek and Melaine D'Cruze

Kristýna and Jiri attended the keynote and the workshop at iCON, here are their works:

Kristýna Šťastová

Winner of signed copy of the Czech edition of The Sketchnote Handbook. "I really love the bold lines Kristýna is using in her sketchnote. Looks like she had fun crafting it, which is what sketchnoting should be." - Mike

Jiri Platek

Winner of signed copy of the Czech edition of The Sketchnote Handbook. "Jiri captured a lot of great information in this sketchnote—I just love the detail he was able to capture. Check out that treehouse!" - Mike


Melaine D'Cruze

Winner of a 30min personal Skype call with the Sketchnote Guy Mike Rohde. "I love how Melaine is taking time to structure the analysis of this sketchnote—this is a great example of filtering the big ideas." - Mike


Melanie is a true participant of SketchnoteArmy contest, and also this time she took the opportunity to partecipate with one of her delightfully stuctured sketchnotes.

You can find other Melanie's works on her Flickr Album

We hope you all had good fun, we would like to create new challenges for all of us to try out  so please share your challenge ideas with us: we always love to hear from you!

See you soon and Happy Sketchnoting!

- Mike and Mauro


Michael Hanson TV speech captured by Dyan Burgess

Sketchnoting (and Scientific Talks): an interesting article by Rob Dimeo