Sketchnoting (and Scientific Talks): an interesting article by Rob Dimeo

Today we are happy to share a post form our good friend and sketchnoter Rob Dimeo .

He posted on his blog the story about how he discovered sketchnoting, the path he followed, and some valuable tips on how to prepare to make a sketchnote for a scientific seminar that was outside of his own expertise.

You can find here the original article "Sketchnoting (and Scientific Talks)" on his Tumblr blog Essentially Elastic.

Following, some quotes we find particularly interesting.

A Google search on notetaking eventually led me to sketchnoting and personal infodoodling. According to the Sketchnote Army website, “sketchnotes are purposeful doodling while listening to something interesting.” I was intrigued. 

These sketchnotes were becoming valuable references for me and the tool of sketchnoting was becoming increasingly important for me in organizational matters. It had become a natural part of my workflow.


It is a much different story when sketchnoting a scientific talk aimed at an expert audience.

Not to miss, his preparation technique for sketchnoting a Scientific Talk.

There are a few specific phases to my sketchnoting workflow, particularly for unfamiliar subjects that are far from my area of research expertise.

prepare for the talk ...

take sketchnotes during the talk ...

refine the notes after the talk ...

share my sketchnotes ...

These are just quotes, be sure to read the whole article here:  "Sketchnoting (and Scientific Talks)" .

Thank you Rob, great read!

- Mauro 

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