Sketchnoting the "Sketchnote guy" at iCON-Prague: Kristýna Šťastová

Here is the Sketchnote Handbook recap byone of our youngest guests (13 yo) Kristýna Šťastová.

She wrote:

On Saturday (25.4. 2015) I was on iCon in Prague. I did a huge sketchnote for one company ( here is the link ) and i was on iConferention with Mike Rohde. He was really happy to see my giant sketchnote. Next day he gave me a signatured book ( Sketchnoting handbook). So I made up a small sketchnote to my moleskine diary about his new book. I haven't read it yet but i get this idea when i saw the book. I just write here shortly the meaning of sketchnotes and add some small pictures. This was my second one so it's not THAT pretty like Mike have... but he said that no one must be an artist to do this huh? I know you would not even read this but if you did thank you just for opening this text. I hope you will publish my small sketchnote :)

Absolutely yes, Kristýna!

We are very happy to publish your sketchnote and I have seen your giant one: I was at iCON-Prague too! 

Thank you Kristýna for sharing with us!

Don't miss Kristýna's giant sketchnote here 

- Mauro

Do you know? Sketchnoting Challenge iCONPrague 2015 is UP and RUNNING!

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