The Sketchnote Workbook Featured Sketchnoter: Melinda Walker

Today's guest is Melinda Walker

Melinda's bio on Twitter say:

From here to there is always a line ~ let's make it a fun one! Visual thinking/graphic recording/sketchnotes/illustration/creativity:

1. Tell us when you first met Sketchnote/Visual art

I've been drawing all of my life and have always been a chronic doodler. Even in elementary school, my homework was often embellished with some fancy bubble letters or a happy cat snoozing in a flower garden. So, it's probably no surprise I ended up with a degree in art. Notes for all my non-art classes were always illustrated. That's just how I learn best and stay focused. When I started teaching, I found making things visual allowed me to cover more information in less time. And the kids really enjoyed it, too! So, I decided to literally draw out my lesson plans on the whiteboard, start to end, so my students could really see the big picture when they walked in the room. That got them really excited to get started! It also gave them more freedom to work at their own pace because all the instructions and main points were clearly visible. In my master's program, I discovered sketchnotes, graphic recording, and graphic facilitation and the great demand there is for this kind of work out in the real world. I ended up doing my master's project on visual thinking, part of which included taking sketchnotes of all calls relating to my project. Then I started posting sketchnotes on Twitter. Within the first week, I had an offer for some real sketchnoting work, and I've been sketchnoting ever since!

 2. How this impacted on your life/work/thinking?

Discovering sketchnoting and graphic recording definitely had a big impact on my life - it's my full-time job now! I've met some amazing people and gotten to travel quite a bit because of it.

3. Sketchnotes: digital or analogical? Why?

I'm a pen and paper kind of girl. I like stuff that's tangible and tactile, so pen and paper's just way more fun for me. Working digitally feels more like work, but it's nice to do for a change.

 4. Share a Sketchnote secret tip with us!

Just focus on the sketchnote and the content you're trying to capture. Save all critiquing until you're done. If you critique as you go, you'll miss most of what you're trying to capture.

 5. What future do you foresee for Sketchnote/Visual Arts?

One of the great things about sketchnoting and graphic recording is that I get to listen to lots of talks. Many of those talks have something to do with innovation, marketing, employee engagement, or something like that. And one of the themes that seems to emerge is that things need to be made visual. So, I think sketchnoting and other visual work will continue to grow.


We thank you Melinda for sharing with us.

You can find more about her and her works on:


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