World Usability Day 2014 Sketchnote Capture: Nicole Bauer

A couple of nice sketchnotes by Nicole Bauer .

Here is what she wrote:
These are my first conference sketchnotes created at the World Usability Day 2014 and I'm really surprised how much this helped to keep the key points of the presentations in mind. I've also noticed that whenever I found it difficult to do sketchnotes, the slides in the presentation weren't good either (too many with too much text), because the presenter tried to put too much information in the 30 minutes they had. Really interesting and it was so much fun creating the sketchnotes. It makes it easier to listen, time flies by and it's much more likely that I will look at my notes again and again and again. :
I find the point about "hard to sketchnote" vs "quality of slides" very interesting.
Good catch, Nicole

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