Sketchnoting Food: Matthew Midgley

These are just a couple of the amazing sketchnotes by Matthew Midgley.

He wrote:

I document all my meals out. Usually they are special times with family or friends. In this particular case we were staying at a rural lodge with a small bistro/cafe of home cooked food - delicious! This was my evening meal, just after we arrived. When the wooden platter arrived I quickly draw the outline of the food and filled in some of the main lines. Then I took photographs of the food to refer to later (I used to draw out the whole meal before eating but use photographs now for the sake of speed!) I only use ink (unpin) and then colour in with watercolour. I never use pencil in my records.

Be sure to see all Matthew works on his website.

Amazing, Matthew, thank you for sharing!

- Mauro


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