Data Viz Course Sketchnote: Jenny Cham

This sketchnote from Jenny Cham is the proof that Sketchnote is contagious!

 She wrote:

My colleague, Francis Rowland, is a sketchnoter, so I was inspired to try it after seeing his notebook. This sketchnote is from Tamara Munzner's course on data viz (see
I only really started sketchnoting myself after reading Mike's "Sketchnote Handbook" in Spring 2013 (which I read in a single evening with great interest!). Since then I have been sketchnoting at every suitable opportunity.

I now feel comfortable with my own 'style' of sketchnoting, which is often focussed on science, tech and pharmaceutical R&D-related topics. 

I think there's no better way to keep engaged and to enjoy attending seminars and meetings! 

Don't miss other Jenny's works on her Flickr gallery .

I like your style and use of colours Jenny!

- Mauro




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