TEDxNaperville in Sketchnotes: Wesley E Douglas


This is only one of a series of Sketchnotes Wesley E Douglas captured at TEDxNaperville .

Here his comment:

At TEDx Naperville 2014, speaker Brian Willis takes us inside the mind of the typical police officer and offers some language adjustments for law enforcement officials to build a positive relationship with the community. I sketched this on an 8.5" x 11" spiral pad on a clipboard with a Sharpie fine point marker and a red Pentel Sign Pen, limiting myself to the red and black of the TED Talks brand. In the speed at which TED Talks exist, limiting the color pallete with just enough for emphasis seems to work the best for me.

I suggest to see all of the Sketchnotes he took on his Flickr Photostream .

I'm particularly impressed by the consistency of the typefaces across all Sketchnotes and the wise use of separators.

Thank you for sharing Wesley!

- Mauro




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