The Sketchnote Workbook Featured Sketchnoter: Derek Graham

Today's guest is Derek Graham

Derek's bio on Twitter say:

Husband of @allygraham2, Father-of-3 and a tiny border terrier, Scrum Practitioner, Agile and Testing Evangelist. Occasional Sketchnoter

1. Tell us when you first met Sketchnote/Visual art

I first found out about a form of it from a blog post by Austin Kleon. He was describing taking visual notes for books we was reading. Later, Amazon suggested Mike Rohde's book to me as being similar to Austin's "Steal like an Artist".

 2. How this impacted on your life/work/thinking?

My notetaking up to this point had always been purely linear and I found I often had trouble remembering the context or recreating the sense of the notes after a couple of weeks or even days. So notes were effectively write only for me and seemed useless. Visual notetaking was a much better fit for my learning style and I found I was able to remember content much more easily without even looking at the notes.

3. Sketchnotes: digital or analogical? Why?

Analog, always. I enjoy the feel of paper and pen and don't get the same feedback from a digital device. I do use my phone to tweet sketchnotes as I do them and batch up a few at a time to scan in and touch up before putting them on my blog.

 4. Share a Sketchnote secret tip with us!

Share them! You'll be amazed and delighted at the feedback. I'm a software developer and not a designer so I often feel under qualified to share my sketches when compared to many of the other people in the field. People like Mike Rohde and Jeannel King were kind enough to encourage me to share my fledgling attempts. Every time I have been courageous enough to share I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of positive response so it gets easier for me over time.

 5. What future do you foresee for Sketchnote/Visual Arts?

I think it's a very rewarding thing for individuals to practice but as we learn more about how the brain works and how people best learn and recall information, I think it will become a mainstream technique taught in schools.

 Bonus. The Sketchnote Workbook: can you tell us something about it?

I was really excited when I heard that Mike was doing a second book but I never expected to be in it. It's really nice to see it expanding into other areas of people's lives and finding wider uses.


We thank you Derek for sharing with us.

You can find more about him and his works on:


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