First Attempt at Sketchnoting in real time: Patience Bertana

Today we have Patience Bertana sharing her experience.

She wrote: 

This was my first attempt at sketchnoting in real time during a presentation. It was scary and invigorating all at once! The notes were completed while listening to Tom Murray talk about the #futureready movement for Public Education. I usually take notes electronically, but decided to turn off all tech and just use paper and pen. The end result wasn't perfect art- but I do feel much more engaged with the material! Can't wait to try it again! As an educational coach working with teachers in public education, my head is spinning with ideas on how sketchnoting can change the way some students learn and think about information. I can't stop talking about the possibilities with staff!

This is fantastic!

Thank you for sharing with us, Patience!

- Mauro




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