Using Sketchnote in Christian ministry: Pastor Mathews George

Today we feature a sketchnote by Pastor Mathews George.

 He wrote: 

This is an attempt to communicate the basics of Holy Communion to children who were preparing for their First Communion/ Confirmation. As a pastor working among young people, I was thrilled to find validation for my scribbles and doodles in my notebooks when I found out the whole #sketchnoting movement! It's a whole new world for me since and I am enjoying following I know, for sure, that Sketchnoting is here to stay. Thanks to the SketchnoteArmy team for all the inspiration and resources. Currently, I am exploring how I can use this in Christian ministry. God bless!

This is interesing: keep us informed!

God bless you too, Mathew!

- Mauro 




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